One Somfy, One Team !

The Team's mantra

Our corporate culture

For the past 50 years, Somfy’s development and success has been based on the talent and dedication of all the men and women who make up our Group. It is also based on their personal quest for fulfillment through a corporate project that encourages them to excel and realize their ambitions.

In an environment that demands increasing agility, "One Somfy, One Team!" instills renewed operating methods and how employees are dedicated to our shared ambition.

Around the world, our 6, 070 Somfy employees take on responsibilities and help our teams to grow. They innovate, collaborate to pool their expertise, and co-create projects that bring the Group’s vision to life:

Inspiring a better way of living accessible to all. ​

What Somfy would like to implement:

Developing inclusive diversity

At Somfy, we firmly believe in diversity. It is both a duty to society and genuinely contributes to the company's performance.

Making Somfy “a great place to grow”

Somfy wishes to attract and develop talent, but also to offer our employees paths for development. The objective is to help them reach their potential and also guarantee long-term employability in a sector where skills need to rapidly adapt and evolve.

Securing team success

The Group's leaders and managers are primarily responsible for guiding team actions by communicating the vision of the company’s project, ensuring the conditions for employees to succeed, and also acting as coaches to help them grow.

A common frame of reference to develop employee skills

Somfy has set up a common frame of reference for the Group dealing with jobs and skills, with a precise description of expectations and soft and hard skills required for each profession. This mapping aims to identify and support the businesses that will be strategic for Somfy tomorrow and will allow us to adapt consequently our recruitment, training, and career development practices.
This reference framework is also be made available to employees as a tool for annual assessment or for the preparation of career development projects.

Our values

Our corporate culture is built on people and an entrepreneurial spirit, and it is naturally reflected in the values promoted by the Group and our employees.


We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit that has inspired the Somfy group since it was founded. We are never satisfied, and are motivated by a desire to innovate. By delivering new benefits for end-users, we create value for our customers and partners.


Respect is based on being attentive to employees, recognizing their qualities, and accepting differences. Every day, we strive to earn the trust of our partners and customers and to act as ethical, responsible citizens everywhere we operate.


We embrace diversity through openness to different cultures, personalities and generations. We want to listen and learn. Our curiosity is a source of creativity. We understand trends ahead of the curve and turn them into useful solutions that are widely accessible.


From the start, we have placed great importance on creating strong links between the Group’s employees. Everyone takes care to remain open and available to their colleagues. Our strong local presence and professional networks have allowed us to forge close ties with our customers and partners. We care about building lasting relations based on trust.