Ref. Nr.: 1216609

Motorisation for Sectionnal, Up & over and sliding Garage Door.

Motor for sectional, up & over and Sliding garge door up to 10 m².Motor for garage door, not only... Designated output for remote lighting.

Garažo vartai
Technologija Garantija Suderinamas
Radio technologija IO Homecontrol 5 metai Tahoma compatible


Everyday life made easier

- Fast opening.

- Automatic closure mode.

- Partial opening for pedestrians to pass through.

- Integrated Leds lighting area during garag edoor operation

- Optional extra light control, from remote control and synchronised with garage door operation.

Peace of mind assured

- Automatic obstacle detection.

- Mechanical lock (optional)

- Secured unlocking with personnal key for manual operation when needed.

- Backup battery in case of mains power failure (optional).

Quality tried and tested

- Soft stop and soft start, t preserve the garage door and installation's life.

- Door limmits controlled with accuracy of integrated encoder.

- Complies with european safety standards (EN 60 3355-2-103)

- Tested on 36 500 openings and closings.

Choose the control method that suits you !

- Connexoon access : The app dedicated to access products.

- Tahoma : The app for the entire house.

Detalės ir specifikacija

The new standard for your connected Garage Door door Opener.

For professionnals, everything you expect.

For end user, concentrated effiency to make life easier.

Techninė charakteristika

Galutinio produkto tipas Sectional / Up & over / sliding garage door
Nominali įtampa / dažnis AC -RGE 10 (220-230V/50-60HZ)
Radijo dažnis 868 - 879 MHz io homecontrol MHz
Apsaugos lygis IP 20
Izoliacijos klasė Class II
Atitiktis CE